About Greenbrier County WV

Greenbrier River
View of the Greenbrier River.

Founded in 1778, Greenbrier County West Virginia is not only a place on the map; it is a place in time. The county seat is Lewisburg WV, which has become popular as a place for history buffs of all ages, and travelers seeking something other than patented tourist attractions.

Farms and forests comprise ninety-five percent of the Greenbrier County's 1,026 square miles, with forests covering seventy percent of the region’s 656,640 acres. A series of steep, parallel ridges and narrow valleys make up the eastern part of the county, which is primarily woodlands and well suited for recreational use. A cool, rugged, mountainous area, with deep gorges, rushing mountain streams, and elevations over 4,000 feet, dominates the western part of Greenbrier County.

Greenbrier Valley Farm
A farm vista that graces the Greenbrier Valley.

Today, more and more people are discovering Greenbrier County WV. Some find an indefinable "magic" here, while others simply feel the quiet gentleness creates good place to live and raise a family. Residents also look to the future, where new businesses are growing. The modern air and land transportation has opened Greenbrier County and Lewisburg WV to the world, while still retaining a special small-town quality, which endears it to those seeking homes for sale in Greenbrier County WV.

Lewisburg is a 200-year-old town with many 18th and 19th-century buildings, where the steeple clock still tolls the hour and the church bells ring out on Sunday mornings. Old structures, converted to new purposes, are still in use, and antebellum homes (often remaining in the same families for generations) are still occupied. There is a comfortable relationship between past and present, and the town has followed a pattern of natural continuity and vitality rather than one of contrived restoration. In 1978, a 236-acre area in the heart of Lewisburg was designated a National Register Historic District.

Within five minutes of the historic district, travelers will come upon scenery thought only to exist in old landscape paintings. They will see narrow country roads winding through rolling farmlands, 19-century farmhouses and manor houses, and shaded ponds tucked away into hollows. Springtime might present a vista of blooming orchards, frisky spring lambs, or a flock of Canada geese resting on a pond. Visitors may chance upon an old covered bridge over a sparkling creek, or find themselves surrounded by cool mountains, magnificent in autumn. Other seasons offer the breathtaking beauty of a waterfall frozen in place, or the splendor of the brightly colored birds that inhabit the area. All of these attractions combine to provide the visitor with a respite from a faster, more hectic world.

Residents of Greenbrier County are proud of and take great interest in their public school system. County schools and businesses participate in an active "Partners in Education" program in which schools and businesses, such as The Greenbrier, Westvaco, ABB Process Analytics, and Bell Atlantic Telephone, are linked in mutually beneficial one-on-one relationships.

If you are seeking a special place in time, come take a look at beautiful, healthy, and historic Greenbrier County. Come prepared to stay forever.

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